Meet the Management and Sales Staff

Mark Morgan 

Mark has always had an interest in the timber industry. He and Karen met at Colorado State University in 1970. Mark is a 1973 graduate of Colorado State, with a Bachelor of Science degree in both Wood Science and Technology and Forestry. Mark started his forestry services business in October 1974. He is a board member of the Colorado Timber Industry Association (CTIA), the Colorado Tree Farmers liaison for CTIA and has achieved the Master Loggers Certificate from the Central Rockies Sustainable  Forestry Education Program. Mark is also a member of the Intermountain Roundwood Association and Colorado Forest Products. Mark has been named Colorado Logger of the year twice.  

Karen Morgan

Karen came to Colorado State University in 1970 for commercial arts. She met Mark the same year. In 1974, they started Morgan Timber Products together. She put her commercial arts education to work by doing all our graphic design and layout. She  has also been in charge of all our bookkeeping, marketing, and sales. She also holds a Master Loggers Certification from the Central Rockies Sustainable Forestry Education Program.  

Maverick Ulam

Maverick grew up in the timber industry helping his family running heavy equipment. He came to us, back in 2011, as an excellent technical faller & climber from Oregon. He is very proficient on all of our specialized forestry equipment. He is our woods foreman & is a great asset to our company. He has earned his Master Loggers Certification from the Central Rockies Sustainable Forestry Education Program.  

Kate Ulam

Kate grew up in this business and has been an integral part of every aspect of it for most of her life. She can run a wide variety of specialized logging equipment, keep production up in the yard, help customers with their project needs, and keep the office, bookkeeping and marketing on track. She sincerely  understands customer service. She has earned her  Master Loggers Certification from the Central Rockies Sustainable Forestry Education Program.  

Jen Cope

Jen was raised here in Colorado. She grew up in a family business & she and her husband now have one of their own. She knows the ' ins & outs' of small business and the timber industry, from firewood to sawmills to posts and poles and running equipment. She attended Front Ranges Community College's Natural Resources and Forestry Program. When she first came to MTP, in 2013, she helped in the post yard running heavy equipment. She has been active in every part of our manufacturing process. She keeps the crew up on customer's orders and upcoming inventory needs as our office manager. She truly knows what customer service is all about. 

Some of our manufacturing crew.