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Forestry Services

We are your local forest management partner. We are a family-owned, vertically integrated, forest stewardship company. For 46 years, we have been right here, in our community, building our business by investing in state-of-the-art equipment, assembling and training the best people, and developing time tested technologies. These tools and great people have helped us be a successful partner in efficiently achieving your forest management goals and providing you with locally produced, quality wood products.

TimberPro 630 Harvestor Processor, Log Max 7000
Field Post

Forestry Services & Logging

With our vertical integration, we can offer you a variety of forestry services, such as:

  • Custom Timber Harvesting

  • Defensible Space

  • Custom Thinning

  • Forest Restoration

  • Roller Chopping

  • Mountain Pine Beetle Mitigation

  • Mechanical Brush Piling

  • Road Right-of-Way & Construction

  • Site Prep

  • Ditch, Power & Pipeline Right-of-Way

For instance, our Custom Thinning dramatically increases your property value by creating fuel breaks, removing dead and diseased timber, improving mountain views, and increasing vegetative biodiversity. Typically, the thinned timber "releases" and you are rewarded with increased growth and vigor in the remaining trees.

Completed Logging Project

Forest Restoration can restore the landscape scale of the forested areas to more open and natural stocking levels.

Forest Restoration
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