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Did You Know?

Green Facts about Green Products:

  • The forest management benefits derived from making these products benefits OUR forests – not someone else’s. If it is in our back yard, we have an obvious incentive to do a good job, one that we, as a community, can be proud of!                     

  • Eco-system sustainability is tied to economics. Good economics is also good stewardship and ecosystem management.

  • While growing the timber for wood manufacturing, the forest increases oxygen, decreases carbon dioxide, improves watersheds, and acts as a water supply and storage filtration system. It also creates homes for wildlife and provides recreational opportunities for humans.                         

  • We use it all! Wood products can easily be remanufactured into other products. There is value in all of it. Damaged, twisted, checked, spiral grain, crooked, short pieces, and limbs can still be ground or chipped into a variety of saleable products.

  • Many wood products serve several lives. They are too valuable to throw away. After serving a life as a primary product, it may be ground for ground cover or bedding and then find its way into the compost pile or become a soil amendment. 

  • Much of the secondary wood products are used to compost (heat treat animal and human waste and animal mortality). The breakdown of carbon fiber from secondary wood products renders a clean soil amendment. 

  • The byproducts from manufacturing wood are all clean, usable products of lesser value, whereas many of the byproducts from other building products manufacturing create contaminated water or undesirable gases. 

  • Long distance transportation of building materials greatly increases your costs, at the expense of increased foreign fuel dependency. Buying LOCAL would result in less trade deficits, less air pollution and less traffic. 

  • Wood is the cheapest building material to manufacture. It has the lowest machining costs and is easier and less expensive than melting steel or aluminum.

  • You can save ‘green’ by buying green.

You Can Help! Buy Local Wood!

When you purchase locally harvested and manufactured products, you are helping encourage and finance desperately needed forest management. You are keeping the jobs within our community by employing your friends and neighbors, sons and daughters. You are also supporting all the auxiliary businesses necessary to support the harvest, transportation, manufacturing, and sales of these products. And you are keeping the tax base for ALL of the businesses here, in our community, for our benefit.

Do your homework and work with reputable people. There are a lot of folks out there now telling you how green they are. But they are just ‘Green With Envy’ at the people who truly have a green, sustainable, renewable business in which they are good stewards of our precious resources. For some folks, green is just a marketing ploy.

The Choice


About 20 years ago, by designating it as a 'Roadless' area, this forest was 'saved'

About 20 years ago, this forest was 'lost' to logging.

Which one is our future?
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