Our Equipment

We pride ourselves on our use of low impact and fuel efficient machinery!

Our TimberPro 630 articulated, self-leveling, all-wheel drive machine is "State-of-the-Art" technology that is unparalleled. We have paired it up with a Log Max 7000 dangle head harvester processor with computer controls to make the most efficient selection of product by diameter and length. These "cut-to-length" products are gathered up by a forwarder and "hot loaded" onto a trailer for transport to our mill or decked at the roadside for later hauling.

TimberPro 630, LogMax 7000

The Morbark three-wheel tree shear and Morbark three-wheel hotsaw cuts and stacks trees fast and efficiently. They are capable of working around buildings and in tight spaces with very little impact. They also allow us the flexibility to vertically remove trees from an area for a short distance as well as the opportunity to pre-bunch material for the grapple skidder to remove.

Morbark 3 Wheel Shear
Morbark 3 Wheel Shear

The FabTek 546B Forwarder, Cat 518C Grapple Skidder, Cat 545C Grapple Skidder and TimberJack 460 Grapple Skidder transport material from stump to landing. The forwarder has the added ability to load directly onto the waiting trailers.

Cat 545C Skidder
 Cat 518C Grapple Skidder
Fabtek 546B Fowarder

The Rotochopper MC266 Horizontal Grinder can handle large volumes of disoriented material at an incredible rate, grinding a 50’ live floor trailer for transport out of the woods. A variety of screen sizes allows for a variety of products. These products are used for soil amendments & supplements, ground covers, landscape purposes, pellet mills, absorbents and biomass.

Rotochopper MC266 Hoizontal Grinder, Kobelco Loader

The Morbark 20/36 Tracked Whole Tree Chipper can also blow the chips directly into a 50’ live floor trailer for transport out of the woods for various ground cover and landscape uses or to a pellet  mill or a biomass facility.

Morbark 20/36 Whole Tree Chipper
Morbak 20/36 Whole Tree Chipper

The Morbark 40/36 whole tree chipper is a wonderful combination of abilities. It can process disoriented material and large diameters. This can fill a 50' live floor full of chips at an outstanding rate!   

Morbark 40/36 Whole Tree Chipper

The Kobelco Tracked Log Loader is an unbelievably versatile tool for clean-up, building burn piles, feeding the grinder, and loading logs or posts.

 Kobelco 130 Log Loader
Brush Pile, Slash Buning