With our wide variety of livestock related fencing products, you can keep in (or out) most anything!

Massive Western Rail Fence 

Our Massive Western Rail Fence is made with 7" to 8" (small end diameter) posts and 4.25" to 5.25" (small end diameter) rails, with a 3 1/2" tenon.

Massive 3 Rail Fence
Massive 4 Rail Fence

Standard Western Rail Fence

Our Standard Western Rail Fence is made with 5" to 6" (small end diameter) posts and 3.25" to 4.25" (small end diameter) rails, with a 2.5" tenon and made on a 6.5' tall post.

Standard 3 Rail Fence

Security Fence 

Our Security Fence is a variation of our Western Rail. It is made on a 6" to 7" (small end diameter) post and comes in an 8' height, with a single top rail. Wire fence that is 60'' tall will fit our post. You can install wire mesh from the rail to ground level and be sure that the kids and dogs will be safe inside.

Security Fence

Buck & Rail Fence

Buck and Rail Fence is a pair of 5.5' x 5" notched posts and a 4'x2" cross piece. These use a 12' long  corral pole with a bit of overlap to attach to the posts, meaning you have 10' of span. 

Buck and Rail Fence

Wind Fence

Our wind fence is made with #2 boards that have some wane or other defects. They will not necessarily have a clean, square edge, but you can get more/wider coverage at a discounted price.

Wind Fence

Posts, Corral Poles, Barn Poles & Squares

6" x 6" Squares 

Barn Poles are available in 10', 12' and 16' lengths and come in 5", 6", 7" and 8" diameters. CA-C treat. Give us a call to see what length and diameter combinations are in stock 

Field Posts
Corral Poles
Barn Poles
Hitchin' Post

Field posts are 6.5' tall by 3", 4", 5" & 6" diameter or 8' tall by 4", 5", 6" & 7" diameters. CA-C treat.

Corral poles are usually 'Barkies' and are typically 2"-3"diameter. They come in 12' & 16' lengths.

Our Hitching Post is made with 2 heavy duty 8' x 7" treated posts and an 8' x 5" rail on a 3.5" tenon. By the time you bury these posts 4' in the ground, they are 'rock solid'. 

We make 6" x 6" sawn squares in 8',10', 12', & 16' for all your fencing and building needs. We also make 4''x4'', 5''x5'' & 5''x6'' in 8' lengths. These are all also in-sized to get a deeper treatment.



 We make a few options for all your bedding needs. Animal Bedding is blend of band saw sawdust, circular saw sawdust, fines from our sawmill chipper and planer shavings. Ground Animal bedding is a product we manufacturer with our grinder resulting in a slightly courser but more consistent product than then animal bedding. This product also works well as a diary bedding.  

Animal Bedding 
Ground Animal Bedding